Conceptual Vaginal Plugs, Conceptual Anal Plugs

Some animals after copulating deposit a thick plug in their partner’s vagina to prevent her from copulating with other animals for a while, so the first animal’s sperm will have a chance to impregnate her.

Here is wikipedia:

A mating plug, also known as a copulation plug, sperm plug, vaginalplug, sement or sphragis, is gelatinous secretion used in the mating of some species.

There is a conceptual analog to this vaginal plug in charisma and other emotional and social binding mechanisms.  If I’m trying to get you to join my religion or my political party I might insert the conceptual analogy of a plug into the conceptual analogy of your vagina.  So I might make you think my religion or political party is great and we are all great and that you should feel guilty for studying other religions and political parties.  That gives my ideas a chance to fertilize your life and gives them protection against other ideas. Until such point as you remove the vaginal conceptual plug from your brain (or it falls out).

Is this a mean trick?  Well for the squirrels and aardvarks and scorpions that employ a mating plug it is not mean or not mean — it’s just nature.  The mating plug evolved like anything else — a heart, the behavior of eating ants, the eye, or the vagina itself.

Is it a mean trick conceptually?  the INDIAN GURUS argue that you can’t grow a tree by uprooting it every week and planting it in another spot. There are certainly habits of mind that take time to gestate.  Some degree of committment to a particular mode of thought or way of living may need to be nurtured, and that may involve protecting it in a CONCEPTUAL UTERUS from outside influences.

So to give an example, supposing you are trying to become a feminist.  You want to tune your mind to examine the effects of unconscious male privilege on your dealing with men and women.  If that is your goal you might want to read feminist books, hang out with feminists and try the ideas on for size, and not go running off to a meeting of your local society of pick-up artists.  Your revulsion against challenging feminism protects the metaphorical sperm of feminism within your metaphorical mind’s vagina.

However there are also creatures, a species of worm wikipedia informs me, that mate homosexually and then plug up their partner’s anus.  This biological phenomenon and its conceptual analogs is just rude.


5 thoughts on “Conceptual Vaginal Plugs, Conceptual Anal Plugs

  1. That escalated to nihilism pretty quick – ‘See, that’s just another thing that’s just blocking out other things’. I kind of think it’s a break down of meaning ecology due to science (or what some would call socio cognitive pollution produced by science…or what some would say is the stuff that makes your sanity score go down in the Call of Cthulhu RPG)

    Let’s rebuild the meaning ecology for a second here, starting at survival. Survival is good for me. Hey, perhaps others find it good. Perhaps others with woman parts find it good. So are the woman part people just exhibiting revulsion that blocks out the pick up artists who love them like a farmer loves his cattle? Ie, who push for a reduced survival condition for people with woman parts?

    “But I get that, it’s just that the plug blocks out…”

    No, that’s the meaning break down talking. Hack it up and spit!

    [ There, I’m done throwing a weird dodge ball right back in return! ]

      • It’s like a food chain of plants getting eaten by creatures, those creatures getting eaten by by larger creatures etc – except with lust for survival and fear of death as the baseline instead of plants. More complicated forms of meaning derive themselves from the base survival meanings and in turn even more complicated forms of meaning derive themselves from those. You could trace feminism down it’s meaning ecology down to survival roots – or even sports and music or other political persuasions. Sophisticated meaning ate raw survivalist terror at some point.

        Granted, it’s a fairly nihilistic way of perceiving meaning itself, but it’s also a preservation method – no one can deny wanting to survive and so how could a feminist be said to simply be trying to be blocking out other ideologies? When the connection to survivalist meaning is fairly clear?

        Granted, it appears a number of trolls and/or witchhunters are drawn to such movements (as they are drawn to any movement) where they subvert the movement for their own personal benefit. Parasites of meaning. And that could do with challenging (and such parasites rely on a lack of self challenge in order to infiltrate organisations. Kind of like Cuckoo’s rely on a lack of self challenge in bird parents)

        Anyway, there’s some idea dodge balls in your general direction (I’ve no idea whether they’ll connect! I just throw wildly!)

      • You could trace feminism down it’s meaning ecology down to survival roots – or even sports and music or other political persuasions.

        Ugh, just to clarify, I mean you could also trace sports and music or political ideals to their own survivalist root meanings. [ a poor dodge ball throw on my part there! ]

  2. Just because you connect a “higher meaning” (love or the quest for knowledge) to a “lower meaning” (reproductive fitness or survival) doesn’t mean you destroy the “higher meaning”. You just point out a connection.

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