Sad Elitist

The sad elitist says “Oh what a sad place this world is!  The masses of people follow vulgarians and demagogues and crap-artists of various stripes.  They are so stupid and vulgar and dumb they do not listen to me and my friends, who are aesthetically sensitive/moral/scientifically accurate [your self-image here].”

And the sad elitist in his heart of hearts worries “What if my aesthetic sensitivity/moral compass/scientific accuracy is a fraud and that is why nobody follows me any more.”

Listen up, sad elitist!

You’re not wrong.  You are more aesthetically sensitive/morally aware/scientifically accurate/whatever you want than the average Jane or Joe.  But you still messed up.


You had it good.  You were a member of the elite, helping yourself to the finest fruits of your society’s harvest.  Your only job was to get the masses to go along with it, promising (and who knows, maybe even delivering) some actual benefit to their lives.  That is the bargain.  You get to be an elite of the aesthetically sensitive/morally pure/scientifically well-informed and everybody else gets SOMETHING.

If you failed to provide anything you have no one to blame but yourself.


6 thoughts on “Sad Elitist

    • I wasn’t aware of Brooks’ comments. It’s about all media and financial and intellectual elites who decry the rise of Trumpism but who are also responsible for it, by failing to make society more of a fair bargain for the have-nots and have-lesses.

  1. Steve Skrovan says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Very few people ask themselves the question, “Why does Trump exist? Why are these ideas gaining traction? Who has enabled that?”

  2. Should be, *what* has enabled that. Used to be, Tim the Toolman went into his backyard and hashed things out with Wilson. Now he just Googles his questions and finds his way to some alt-right blog (which I guarantee is getting a lot more hits than any of our blogs)!

    The death of geography means extreme ideas no longer have to weather friends and neighbours, but can band together in groups large enough to fake the semblance of sanity. Trump is what you get when you kill Wilson.

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