Frosty Fran

Not actually emotionally cold at all.  She has a lot of anger and a lot of love.  She doesn’t express it because she doesn’t want to manipulate people.  She keeps pretty cheery.  She just doesn’t want to share the depths with those who are not ready to share the depths.

Sometimes she dreams that Goofy is a real person, an intelligent southern dog who walks on two feet and takes her on adventures.

If there were a war and she had to kill an enemy soldier to keep from revealing the position of her own troops, Fran is convinced she would do it, but she wouldn’t be happy about it.

Sometimes in the forest she sees the moss and imagines what it would be like to be the moss.  Sometimes she imagines what it would like to be the sun.  And laughs!



3 thoughts on “Frosty Fran

  1. Fran have a lost of anger and keeps from revealing her depths, indeed; Goofy sometimes is a good fellow sometimes goes away and leave her alone then she only finds the peace in her imagination; why do you consider she could kill an enemy soldier? It is unfair..the enemy soldier is her loneliness if she kills him then she has found a friend.

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