Time Traveling Moods

I awoke last night to see the time traveller in my bedroom peeking from his orb of nacreous flux.   “You laugh at measles and mumps in your world.  Your forget the Age of the Great Plagues when those germs felled millions.  So it is in our world with emotional pain and psychological illness.  We look at your time, the 21st century as the time of the great psychological plagues that blight the lives of billions.”

“And what do you do about it?”

“It is impossible for us to travel back in time physically or to send information back in time, because of the paradoxes.  But we are able to send moods.  When one of you feels a sense of a Presence in the room with you that somehow provides comfort, that is us.  When you lack all hope and the drizzly street you look on is suddenly transfigured by an invisible but cheering light, that is a traveler from our world, lightening your burden, easing your fear.”

“But this conversation belies your claim.  You are communicating to me in words.”

“Not so.  What I am communicating to you is simply a mood. When you awake you will try to put it into words.”


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