Alexis Speaks: Where Death is I Am Not and the Idea that Philosophy is a Preparation for Death


I caught up with my ex, Alexis and asked her how she was doing and what she was up to.

She said: Thanks for asking.  I have been thinking about how to reconcile two opposing attitudes towards death.  On the one hand Epicurus advises us to consider that where death is, I am not and where I am, death is not and to conclude that death is nothing to me and I should ignore it.  On the other hand, Socrates says the wise man’s life is nothing but a preparation for death.  How can I prepare for something that is nothing for me?   What do you think?

I’m not sure, I said.

I think the whole notion of what “I” am is relativized to my conception of death, as death is the limit of my experience.  Different “I” different death.

Makes sense, I said.

It turned out she was dating some guy named Dave, I think in the music business.




10 thoughts on “Alexis Speaks: Where Death is I Am Not and the Idea that Philosophy is a Preparation for Death

  1. We are space travelers. We are born into a universe in flux. We begin a travel in space-time semi aware of this. When we die this travel in space time ends and so our consciousness.This universe is full of space time travelers coming from a point in time…birth…and traveling over a specific space time….Death is no more space time travel. Death is the end of motion in all respects…….but what do I really know?

  2. Susan says:

    Rich and poor. Dull and intelligent, we’re all gonna die….ready or not. I heard that the moment of freedom and separation from this life is the greatest orgasm… and then in the hereafter you can smoke ’em if you got ’em all you want.

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