The Beautiful Gem of Clear Understanding

When my friend Jim wanted to get clear understanding of his life he went and apprenticed himself with a guy at the DMV named Oscar. “What is your problem?”  “I’m in a constant state of panic.” said Jim.   Oscar said look you cannot constantly be worrying about things you have no control over so you are going to have to leave your house, and Jim said okay.

Jim got a job carrying copies down to the lower level to be stored and Oscar helped him figure out certain basic things to help him master his mental habits — boredom, anger, and so on.

It was hard for Jim because part of what made him so panicky was worry that his parents would become ill.  Jim’s father had tension head aches cause he worked as a defense attorney for poor clients getting chewed up by the system and Jim’s mother had come from a repressive religious household and carried the mental trauma with her in her body.  It made Jim panicky and it made him panic that he would lose them.  What I’m trying to say is having his parents in his life gave him panic and the thought he would lose them also made him panic.

Jim worked hard with Oscar to deal with the panic.  His parents did become ill.  Oscar said it’s time.  I think it would be very helpful if you wrote down what you have to say. Jim started writing at night when he was done with work and then he got up at four thirty every morning so he could write for a couple more hours before he got to work.  His parents died.

Jim finished the book which you know now as The Beautiful Gem of Clear Understanding.

When I read it the moments open up like grapes and deposit nectar on my tongue.  The Sky Horse and Moon Beam antelope come and eat from my hands.  The magic ki-rin and wonderful wo-wo frolic at my feet.  Joy and love are my companions wherever I go and I set my table in the house of freedom.

Thank you, Jim!  Thank you Oscar! Thank you Jim’s parents Marvin and Louise.   Your gift has made my life so much more beautiful, so much easier to understand, and very, very happy.


8 thoughts on “The Beautiful Gem of Clear Understanding

  1. I have written this book in my heart when my parents died. I was in a constant state of fear of losing my parents. This gem stays in my heart as a reminder.

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