Adam’s Sin Was Not Disobedience to God, it was Blaming Eve

I heard this explanation from R. Weinberg and it seems correct because disobedience to authorities is not always a bad thing , but blaming others for our mistakes and avoiding our own responsibility for them always is.   One can read the whole Bible as a consequence of this mistake; a series of generations projecting their mistakes on people outside themselves to blame rather than taking steps to diagnose their problems and rectify them.   Blame takes our awareness of a problem and blinds us to  its real cause and what we can do to solve it.  It replaces psychology with perpetual war.


2 thoughts on “Adam’s Sin Was Not Disobedience to God, it was Blaming Eve

  1. You make it sound as simple as ‘Don’t do it’

    What is the psychology of why people blame others?

    Don’t care – it’s their fault, not yours? >:)

  2. Susan says:

    “Take responsibility for your actions” You are at fault.. Admit it. Fix it if you can. I’ve actually heard a driver say it was the parked car’s fault when he drove his auto into it. – – – – Adam was a liar and tried to deceive. He knew what God commanded to him about the tree, but he wanted his Eve to offer the forbidden. How was what the snake did any worse? (If you happen to think Genesis is true history)

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