The Things I Don’t Know Yet

  1. The things I know already include the things that have worked for me.
  2. They also include the configuration of things that make me what I am.
  3. The sort of thing that you know when you know me includes the things I know.
  4. The flow that makes me is interrupted by the rocks of what I know.  These rocks have formed eddies and currents and these eddies and currents and little riptides and whorls are what makes me the thing you know when you step into my stream.
  5. But the things I don’t know yet.  Do I know that they will be like the things I already know?
  6. For me to say that means that my next step will be like my previous steps.
  7. And of course my next step will be like my previous step, because if my last step was at the bottom of the sea then my next step is not on the top of the mountain.  If it were would it be my step rather than someone else’s?
  8. Nevertheless what I don’t know yet might be completely different from what I already know.  It might also change me and expose gaps, lacks, and ignorance which I don’t yet know either.  In the metaphor developed above in (4) the flow of life will actually move the rocks, dislodging some downstream, and changing the pattern of whorls and eddies and turbulence that defines me.  Perhaps even creating large pools of still water or moving water with a smooth surface.
  9. For you to know me you might have to know what I don’t know yet.
  10. For me to know you I have to not know you but I have to be willing to take a step with you into the unknown.
  11. I am unknown to you and you are unknown to me but the way you are unknown to me is your way of being unknown, and my way of being unknown to you is my way of being unknown.
  12. Just as there are as many ways not to say words as there are to say them. Yours mine and the ways we will discover together, if we are granted the chance.

3 thoughts on “The Things I Don’t Know Yet

  1. I know what you mean. The rocks always try to redirect the flow to go around them, but if the current is strong enough, it can dislodge the rocks.

    On the other hand, there’s this pre-war limerick about H.W.B. Joseph:

    “A New College tutor named Joseph
    Says that nobody knows if he knows if
    He knows if he knows,
    Which accounts, I suppose,
    For the mental confusion of Joseph.”

  2. Susan says:

    LIFE BEFORE LIFE. We already know everything we will ever need to know. You know too. Tap tap. I believe this. Not trying to convince anyone else, but I am comfortable. Somebody cared enough about me. Is that too simple?

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