Hard to Say!


-Nobody ever had this emotion before.

-Okay. What is it?

-A combination of humiliation, rage, lust, and the pity things that live forever have for things that don’t.

-You’re dumb. I have that emotion all the time.


-That time you said you had the emotion nobody had before and I said I had it all the time I lied.

-I don’t remember that.

-Really? What do you remember?

-Not that.


-In my life when it comes to people I love I have only told a single lie.


-Do you want to know what it is?


-One time I told somebody that I forgot something they said to me but actually I remembered. Do you want to know why?

-Not really!


-Sometimes I think it’s hard to say what I have to say and sometimes I think it’s easy. What do you think?

-I don’t think about that question.

-But if you did think about it, what would you think?

-I would think it’s easy, but people might not want to hear it.


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