Proverbs from Around the World

“He’s the kind who plants beans in your back and expects you to help pick them.” — Old Saying from Hebrew Polynesia

“He is like the Josu flower — only a fool would have to smell it not to eat it.” – the &ambembi people of the Lower Upper Granapipo Delta
“The cozmir’s lies are truer than the bazimir’s truths.” — The Silver Horde
“The wise man can tell an apophthegm from an adage, but he keeps the knowledge to himself — Philokakus, an obscure disciple of Crates
“Of course out of a dozen fools one will be right, but the fools don’t know which one. ” – The Impenetrable Zap Lim Gop, Invisible Sage of the  One and Thirtieth Dynasty
“The pinata gives its gifts by breaking, the bow by bending, the man by keeping in one piece.” — Richard Montezuma, heir to the Aztec throne



2 thoughts on “Proverbs from Around the World

  1. You have been to so many strange places that I can’t be sure those are made up. However, I am pretty sure that the last proverb was uttered by Ricardo Montalban.

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