Should We Start Pronouncing NYC “Niss”?

Does anybody pronounce “NYC” “niss”?
Might be cool to start doing it.
Connects it with french city Nice.
And Happy-ness.
And my niece who lives in Nyc.

I don’t think we should pronounce it “NIK” though.

Although it connects with “Old Nick” and “nicotine” cause it’s not New York Kitty. It’s New York City, with an “s” sound. Although “New York Kitty” might a be a good name for a pet supply store if it does not yet exist (I bet it does).

Niss, the new pronounciation of NYC also rhymes with Kiss.
Which is such a tender romantic name for such a tough metal band dressed as demons and monsters and what have you.  Sticking their tongues out and spitting blood and wearing frightening shoes.
I’ll tell you something and this is just a secret between me and the readers of this blog.
Maybe some day there will be another kind of “Kiss Army”…
An army of people who like to kiss!

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