The Ghoul Says

The Ghoul says, “Keep away from the smelly shadows.”

The Ghoul says, “I know the thing you never told.”

The Ghoul says, “I was here before you knew it.”

The Ghoul says, “I forgot who I used to be.”

But even so, my friends and fellow members of the committee, we did not come to the graveyard at midnight to bandy words with the ghoul.  It is not meet to do thus, nor is it appropriate.  Although the moon is gibbous and the low keening of something low, and huge and close can be heard just below the level of thought, not with the ears perhaps, but with the bones.

-The ear has bones, DeMoulet, three tiny bones, the hammer, the anvil, and the bell.

-Do you think I don’t know that?

-I think you don’t cause you fell in my trap, DeMoulet.  The three tiny bones in the ear are the hammer, the nail,and the stirrup.

-Speak for yourself.

-Don’t tell me who to speak for, Demoulet.  Don’t tell me who to be quiet for and don’t tell me who to speak for.

-Demoulet?  Demoulet?   I was joking about those tiny bones in the ear.  You do what you want.



The Ghoul says, “They come here a lot and play this game.”

The Ghoul says, “Neither a beginner nor an ender be.”

The Ghoul says, “I’m ready when you are.”


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