If Naked is the Best Disguise, is Disguise the Best Kind of Nakedness?

I was talking with a friend the other day who experiences an internal struggle, as many of us do, between the desire to be seen and loved for who he is on the one hand, and on the other hand a fear that if he does not manage his image he will not be loved.  He both abhors pretence and fears it is the only way to get what he wants.  When he looks out at the world he sees a gigantic game of poker — some cards are visible but many are not.  He worries if people are weaker than he is and are bluffing or conversely that people are stronger than he is and are biding their time.

I explained to him that I approach life differently — that I am what I am consequences be darned.  I have no strategy because it takes too many mental resources.  I move through life and throw aside concepts of success and failure, winning or losing, and this throwing aside allows me to be myself.

Aha, he said, — that is your strategy.  Your nakedness is the ultimate disguise.  By pretending not to play the game you hope to win it.

Not really sez I, I don’t see any game, and if I did I would not be interested in playing it.  But I do believe that your disguise is the ultimate nakedness.  You are losing the game on purpose so some day you will be revealed to all.   You are playing the game so as to achieve your heart’s desire, which is to have all your cards face-up, and to be found out.

Maybe so, sez he, but nobody knows it.

No I said — everybody knows it.

And I was right!



3 thoughts on “If Naked is the Best Disguise, is Disguise the Best Kind of Nakedness?

  1. I behave your way of approaching life; no strategy. I have had to learn that many times there are no opportunity to planning anything; I live my life facing it with the experience that any facts of life have left to me; learning to be myself and accepting my nature and my reality have been my strength; repairing some facts that mess up some facts of my life in the middle of possible and accepting what I have lost and let it go; one day at a time it is my naked way of life.

  2. I don’t get ‘everybody knows it’?

    Tell me, with the harmless flies who’s colours are like those of the wasp, do these flies have a strategy? Or are they heedless and blind to the strategy this colouration plays?

    Could a man be blind to the strategies he is playing out, just as much?

    And here’s a thing – what if…what if the blind hunted the men with one eye? Blind to their hunting, their strategy, all the while. Called the one eyed out to the world. ‘Everybody knows it!’

    What is a bluff, but to say you have no strategy. What is the best bluff? To genuinely not know you are bluffing, just like the wasp coloured fly.

    Who claims no game but then says they were right…that they had won?

    Maybe your friend plays towards an open game, instead of one where play includes hiding whether one is playing at all?

    Plot twist: Friend is Donald Trump…lol

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