A Few Facts a Theory of Dreams Should Account For

  1. When we dream we dream of being awake
  2. Waking life bears the same relationship to dreaming as enlightened consciousness bears to wakefulness.
  3. Movies are a communal dream
  4. When we wake up we are struck by the power of dream images which we do not understand; much as post-enlightenment cultures are struck by the power of myths
  5. Descartes raised the question of whether life was a dream and Western culture has been troubled by this, seemingly nonsensical question, as if by a dream
  6. In India the Buddha announced that he had awoken.  The enlightened state relates to this statement as it does to yet another dream. It is a dream of being awake.

6 thoughts on “A Few Facts a Theory of Dreams Should Account For

  1. ….I had awoken, then I had preferred to sleep again. Dreaming of 8 am to 8pm is a nightmare; let’s me think that I can resolve it having a sweet dream tonight. Eric Linus Kaplan, it is a great uncategorized words.

  2. Harris Bernstein says:

    I am an 81 year old retired professor. I am Jewish (originally from East Flatbush), and I was a graduate student/postdoc at Caltech 1956-1961 and frequently hung out at the boys’ house (“Prufrock” house) with my close friend Chuck Hamilton (neurobiologist), and other friends including Howard Temin (future Nobelist), Sidney Coleman (theoretical physicist), Matt Meselson (molecular biologist) and others. At the time I lived with my mother (who never visited campus). I was present at a party when Richard Feynman played the bongo drums, and I gave unsuccessful driving lessons to Sidney Coleman. Living with my mother was a running joke among my friends [see Wikipedia article “Genetic code” reference 11 (pages 580 and 581) for a related story]. I wonder whether the Wolowitz character was inspired by my Caltech time, or am I dreaming?

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