On Susan Sarandon’s Opinion that Trump is Better than Hillary Clinton

In my view there is no reason to seek political guidance from actors.

The skills and training and talent that prepare you to portray a space warrior convincingly have little overlap with those that help you make sage decisions about economic and political policies.

They may even run in opposite directions. You may be a successful actor because of your skill at having an emotional reaction despite all the evidence that it is unwarranted. So for example you may scream on a movie set because your character is being menaced by a monster, even though the monster is not real. The skill at responding emotionally in a situation where the evidence points against it is counter-productive when being a political decision-maker.


4 thoughts on “On Susan Sarandon’s Opinion that Trump is Better than Hillary Clinton

  1. N.S. Palmer says:

    I dunno. Some actors (you’d know the proportion better than I) are highly intelligent and informed. Their opinions are worth considering on their own merits, even if we disagree with them: Stephen Fry comes to mind, and I know there are others. Of course, that has nothing to do with them being actors.

    Also, I admire the moral courage of actors who take public political stands, because it can’t help them and can only cost them in popularity and even in lost jobs.

  2. ⚾…interesting contemplation Eric.

    When I initially read your words I was very aware of ‘seek guidance’ and what came to mind is the subtle difference between someone bringing light to an issue by way of their platform and someone being seen as an authority on an issue because of their platform (especially when the topic and the platform are not exactly related).

    …so if I’m catching where you’re coming from I like the distinction 😉

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