Yerj Lastragajus

Yerj Lastragajus you old so-and-so!  The last time I saw you you were a human-simulation program playing in the cerebral cortex of a genetically altered sheep.  How’s it going you old, so-and-so, baa baa blacksheep, you old chough?

Well you recall my aphorism, man is a wolf to man?

I do you old rascalitas!

Well if man is a wolf to man, it follows that man wolf is a wolf wolf to wolf man, and that as the poet says

“the hungry sheep look up and are not fed”

would not apply except over a transformation to any of the four possibilities, viz.






What are you saying you pruney, old bean?  You used the human programming to evolve the sheep from a herd creature socially parasitized by homo sap to become a sheep-based nullity with a null basis with predatory behaviors grafted upon the sheep or ovine bio-strate?

Well I’d be lying if I said no!

You soderiffic sod!   Did the resulting sheep civilization ever achieve virtuality?  And did you encode yourself into that symbol string?



2 thoughts on “Yerj Lastragajus

  1. N.S. Palmer says:

    You’re definitely a wolf in Shemp’s clothing. (Most people don’t know that Shemp was part of the original act in Vaudeville: “Ted Healy and His Three Stooges.” Curly came later, in the movies.)

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