“Must a Competent Rabbi Be A Master of the Erotic?”

A friend of mine explained to me the notion that to be competent at being a rabbi one must be a master of the erotic.

After all the Rabbi is responsible for making determinations of interpersonal law.  How could someone even begin to make determinations of how people should treat each other if he were ignorant of the highest form of care one human can proffer another, viz. the erotic?

The Rabbi is custodian of souls and of the passing on of family lineage; surely a master of the erotic would be a master at the care of souls and of family, and one clumsy at eros, sexuality, and intimacy would be clumsy at these other matters.

Furthermore, a Rabbi has to understand the intimate give-and-take between human and divine; would not someone less than a master at the eros between human and human falter at this difficult achievement?

I found this somewhat surprising and asked my own Rabbi if this were the case.  He thought for a moment.  “Master” is a big word he said.  “Perhaps mastery of the erotic is asking too much of our rabbis.  But at the very least” he added “He must be highly, highly profficient.”


5 thoughts on ““Must a Competent Rabbi Be A Master of the Erotic?”

  1. If there was a place to go and learn the ways of the heart 🙂 We can read a book and learn exactly what it takes to learn how to swim…. but until we actually step into the ocean… know what I mean? We can read the notes written by Hayden, Chopin on the page and transfer them to the piano. The notes are correct, but we don’t all have the talent to make their beautiful music. – – – Do most Rabbis study the same profound messages that help make our day to days productive and meaningful, but all don’t have the talent to get it across to us in the same way.

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