The Nerd and the Bully

A bully was tormenting a nerd by the lockers as a stream of students passed by.

“Let’s observe them.” said Richie.

“I’m laughing at you.’ said the nerd as snot and blood seeped into his mouth.  “You seek sex with girls, because the sexual act reminds you of the safety you experienced and lost as a baby with your mother.  But it will bring you no safety but only the failure of your plans.”

“Fuck you.” said the bully “You imagine sex and bullying in your mind, but lack the power to obtain them.  You lack the courage to state your plans clearly or say what your true goals are.  If you lack the courage to say what your goals are, how then can you achieve them?”  And he struck him again.

“Which is correct, the nerd or the bully?” asked Richie.

“Both are.” said the Captain of the Football Team but he gave the bully a surreptitious high five.

“The nerd follows the way of the nerd, the bully the way of the bully.  What meaning is there to “correct or incorrect”.  said the Captain of the Debate Team.

“I hold myself back from judgment of either.  They are above me and therefore not of my concern.   But I condemn the stream of students who pass by and do not intervene.  The elements in the foreground dazzle and confuse, it is the human beings in the background who pass without notice who must be investigated” said the Cheerleader.

Later, in private I had the opportunity to ask Richie what his opinion was of the matter.  “The nerd spoke truly but his words were not in accordance with his actions.  The bully is already on a path to hell.  What further discussion is there to be had?  When answers are given quickly, in a rush, there is a lack of clarity.  When answers are given too late, the matter at hand is already lost.”





6 thoughts on “The Nerd and the Bully

  1. The footballer, the debate team captain, will be in a position of power some day because ball player captains and big talkers usually are. One will continue to high five other bullies in his adult life because he can. The other will talk about stuff or write speeches. The nerd speaks some truth about the bully, but I don’t know if the bully is correct about the nerd. The cheerleader will be beneath the nerd and the bully (men) because she thinks they are above her? Why? But, none of them, not even Ritchie offered assistance to the nerd. Those three watchers were more aware of what was happening so they’re despicable. – – – The passers by might forever be passers by, but to investigate them as the cheerleader suggests, might solve the problem of why evil is allowed to grow.

    Are there other ways of seeing this event? As a problem or a solution?

  2. Whether or not the nerd also had thoughts about sex and bullying, he was able to control his actions much more than the actual bully. Naw, my opinion of Richie likely wouldn’t change. He said at the beginning, let’s OBSERVE. That’s just a fancy word for watching without having to take action.

  3. Do you believe people ever take actions that are less successful than they should be, because they failed to observe the situation correctly before acting? The bully’s claim about the nerd is not that he has aggressive thoughts but controls himself and does not act. It is that he has aggressive desires but does not act on them out of fear of other people. So for example if the bully is correct, and our action was to grab the bully’s arms and pull them behind his back, the result might be that the nerd kicks the bully in the face! That’s why Richie invites us to take a moment and observe before acting.

  4. “Do you believe people ever take actions that are less successful than they should be, because they failed to observe the situation correctly before acting?”
    YES Generally we aren’t faced with situations where we need to take an action, but most of the people, most of the time jump in too soon. Maybe allow the nerd some time to defend himself. Is that worse than when we observed and didn’t take action when we should have? The bully did hit the nerd the second time. When you think of every possible result, doesn’t it make your brain ache a little?
    Nerds are usually intelligent and don’t need to use acts of physical aggression against anyone. And not everyone who lost the maternal warmth of their mother turns into a sex starved bully. All the words they exchange calling out each others faults, just don’t seem like what you would expect to hear. I’m Laughing at You and Fuck You….. yep that sounds like reasonable language. The author of the story doesn’t give enough details to make a reasonable judgment.

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