Me, Really Glad!

Me really glad! Which way shall I fly
Infinite friendliness and infinite hope?
Which way I fly is good; myself am a good;
And in the highest height a higher height,
Still promising to love me, opens wide,
To which the heaven I suffer seems a hell.


3 thoughts on “Me, Really Glad!

  1. N.S. Palmer says:

    It must be interesting inside your mind. I occasionally think that I understand you, but only occasionally. Keeps it interesting. 🙂

    • N.S. Palmer says:

      You reminded me of what Bernard Bosanquet said: In one way, our minds are in the world, but in another way, the world is in our minds. Next time he’s in town, I’ll introduce you. It might be a while, since he’s been dead for 93 years.

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