Unity and Autarchy

Autarchy or self-rule is to be contrasted to heterarchy or rule of or by another.

Every entity to be an entity must distinguish itself from that which is other than itself.

The distinction between inside and outside takes the form of a Markoff membrane.  Events inside the Markoff membrane have a higher probability of affecting other events within the membrane while events outside it have a lower probability.

Only an autarchic entity is able to achieve unity.

Therefore the only way to achieve autarchy is to become part of something else.

The inter-relationship of the cell membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi apparatus is an example of a stable unity of autarchy and heterarchy.  This is called organism.

Organism is the intermediate stage between autophagy and heterophagy.

Eating is the incorporation of the past by the present.  Sexual reproduction is the incorporation of the present by the future.

Economics is a psychologically-mediated hallucination of biological realities i.e. there is only free lunch.


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