Prehistoric Thought

All our thought is actually prehistoric thought with a thin overlay of technological habits.

So what we really think about is life, danger, love, animals, sky, the ancestors, the children, the many souls that animate nature, the weather, poetry and story.

What we think we think about is money, clock time, laws, and probabilities.

The thin overlay of thought is a bit like the concept of the exo-self.  Our tools can keep track of our lives.  Among those tools are: wallet, bank account, smart phone, but also — sense of guilt, internal clock time, worry about money.

Civilization can keep us safe, but only prehistoric thought can make us happy.  Because the civilizational layer is not what we are.  The prehistoric layer is what we are.

Sex, games, myth, ritual, children and nature make us happy.  They give us “meaning” which is a civilizational word for a prehistoric reality.

Our lives and bodies are literally prehistoric.



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