I Have a High Tolerance for Pain

-How do you know?  Maybe you are just insensitive.

-Not me.  I am very, very sensitive (witness my poem “The Butterfly’s Lament).  I am simply so macho that a pain that would make a wimpier man beg for mercy, me, I can just sail right on through.

-That answer makes me incredibly delighted.

-Really, how come?

-I have a low tolerance for pleasure.


3 thoughts on “I Have a High Tolerance for Pain

  1. Mikey says:

    My 2015 New Year’s resolution was to read and comment on every post on this blog. I’m not sure exactly why I did that, but here’s my conclusion.

    It was pretty worthwhile. I’ve engaged quite deeply with a bunch of ideas I wouldn’t normally come across. Some of your content is not what I’d choose to read normally, particularly the fantasia type stuff. So I was reading unusual things, but also engaging with it because I had to come up with a reply.

    A scattered group of internet strangers is a pretty good audience. Because no one here knows me, I can be a bit more experimental with my thoughts, but I still know that real people are reading. This means I can’t be entirely frivolous.

    About half way through the year I went through a bit of an increase in life stuff so I didn’t have as much time for this project as in the first half. That definitely reduced the worthwhileness of the experience. But the second half was still valuable, just a bit less so.

    I think I’ll knock it on the head now, but if you’re a reader who never comments, I’d advise it, for your own sake. If you’re anything like me.

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