History of the Future as Told by An Extremely Ethical Robot

Biological moral enhancements have led to a race of super-moral cyborgs overseeing the lives of pure human ethical corner cutters.  The internet of cells has given everybody a tumor that is modifiable according to downloadable information.  Most people use their tumor to create a talking pony named AMBROSE, a smaller proportion of the population modify their tumor into two twins named WIZ and WAZ who copulate and create a mystical insight into the world economy of cells with their orgasm for the benefit of the tumor-possessor, and a tiny group of outcasts live off the grid with no tumor at all.   When writing science fiction we have no choice but to look backwards for our models, because the yet-to-be-imagined is yet to be imagined, so I reflect upon how the Emperor Constantine gave the bishops of the early Christian church the right to use the empire’s system of roads to send their letters, and this edge in disseminating information soon transformed Christianity into the dominant ideology of the Mediterranean and, soon, all of Europe.  Consequently in this future society the ethical robot creates a beneficent tumor named ROGER LICKS and violates net neutrality so that the LICKS tumor penetrates at a faster speed than its competitors AMBROSE and the WIZ-WAZ twinship.   The story is narrated by the ethical robot centuries after the ROGER LICKS tumor achieved pre-eminence during a time that it is being challenged by the few rogue unmodified humans who are regarded by the LICKS HUMANOIDS as demons, witches, and monsters.  The ethical robot witnesses an auto-da-fe in which a WIZ-WAZ tumor humanoid has its tumor removed by a member of the Sacred Order of Information Technologists and feels intense guilt for what he did.  He tries to relieve his guilt by putting his deeds in writing and justifying himself to an imagined audience of early 21 c. humans.

Possibly a children’s book?


4 thoughts on “History of the Future as Told by An Extremely Ethical Robot

  1. Mikey says:

    Would it be possible to write a children’s book which would be absolutely to interpret as the Word of God? How would you do it?

      • Mikey says:

        I missed out a word, which might have made my meaning quite different: Do you think it would be possible to write a children’s book which would be absolutely impossible to interpret as the Word of God?

      • Ha, happy new year! No, I do not. I think the Word of God needs to promote human love and human freedom, but since the Book of Nature can be interpreted in the right frame of mind to do that, I don’t imagine there is a particular string of words or story beats that would resist such an interpretation. Nor for that matter is it possible to write a children’s book that could never be interpreted as reading material for the Synagogue of Satan.

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