A Plea For Guidance!

If you have a sense either general or specific about how to get upon when plagued with risky, uncertainty, confusion, beset by foes, suffocated by friends, one’s own MIND a quagmire of quizzy quicksand kindly provide GUIDANCE! In the comment section below.

Because while others are full of facts and opinions I have none, but am poor, deluded (both by self and other) uninformed, too chicken to make a bold declaration, too vain to admit my chickenhood.

Guide me Internet Friends!

Random people I do not know whom Chance and the Good Auspices of Google Search send to this page, do not be close-fisted.

Let me know what to do!

How shall I live my life?

And politics — what about what other people want of me and demand.  What should I do?

And animals.

And religion.

And other topics I am too confused even to know to request insight.

Let it rip!



16 thoughts on “A Plea For Guidance!

  1. I have no expertise in these matters, Eric. I find myself in similar circumstances. What works for me is to keep it very simple. I just work on myself. I am my authentic self without artifice. What I believe to be true in terms of basic moral principles I adhere to. I do what I derive the most joy from – helping students, pursuing my research with a passion, driving along the ocean to and from work. I choose my battles carefully, and do not scatter pearls before swine. I try not to change others, or convince them of my position. I just try to be an example that they might learn from.

    Just as an aside, you might try working some more of the points you want to make or a position you want to take into a Big Bang script because making fun of what we abhor is a time-honored tradition. By the way, I am a huge fan of the show because it more or less reflects my life.

    The world needs your voice. But use it in a way that brings you joy, that is comfortable and not stressful.

    If you want fodder for your scripts you might want to look at my artificial brain research. It will be a long time (if ever) we have one that competes with us humans.

    • my advice — build something that if you cut a small piece out of it, it can still work. that is how organic brains function. might be nifty to see if you can make a fake one that has the same feature.

      • Eric, I thought I was helping you but actually you are helping me. I think your idea is awesome! It is along the lines of what we have been working on, but more bold. Thanks!

  2. Here is my .02 (.05) to give to you:
    1).Always get a second opinion whether it be for getting medical treatment or buying a fish. That opinion can come from anyone. But, be open enough to consider that opinion even if it differs from your own. You have the power to accept or reject it.
    2) It is possible to look out for yourself and still be a generous person
    3) Keep learning!
    4) Be kind, it helps you sleep better.
    5) (something I am still working on) Have an adventure. It does have to be dangerous, or far away, or extensive. Trying anything new is an adventure! Especially if that thought if it scares you a little bit.

  3. Lara/Trace says:

    Jeff Wilson in Eugene, Oregon says We are our own enemy. There is no “Negative” energy beyond our judgments….there is simply energy. Suspend Judgment @ be free.

  4. Stuart says:

    My advice is to acquire at least one skill who’s output you can authentically call your own. It doesn’t seem to matter what the skill is: culinary, musical, artistic, linguistic, craft, they are all equally serviceable. And then utilise that skill in a manner that allows you to connect and share with others. Cook a meal for friends, play a song for an audience, build a cabinet for you sister.

  5. Mikey says:

    I think the best thing to do is read the comments under any youtube video you ever watch. Particularly the ones which are long enough so that you have to click on ‘read more’.

  6. Becoming me means sharing. Meeting you contributed to the me I am today. For that, I thank you. The people I meet tomorrow will shape me too, and so on. When we connect with each other we fully experience the who we are becoming. Smile and be brave.

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