Teaching Your Parents “Computer”

It used to be that old people knew more about the environment than young people, because the brain was able to change more quickly than the environment, so those who lived longer had brains that could cope more effectively with the challenges of life than those who had lived for less time.  They codified their wisdom in myths, tales, and yarns, teaching for example the value of persistence in a story of a prince who by dint of collecting many pebbles was able to defeat a giant and win the heart of a princess.  Now, of course, the situation has reversed.  The environment changes much more quickly than human beings can learn about it, so only those who are young are able to imprint their brains with effective patterns for making sense.  The young must teach the old.

This was brought home to me when my elderly father needed a chao/cosmo/toggle-B and I had to explain it to him and why he needed it.

We had the following dialogue:


You need something for the house.  A computer thing.


Why?  I bought a computer two years ago.


Yes, but computers are different now and you need a different thing.


What is it?


It’s a kind of chao-cosmo-toggle.


A joggle?


No, a chao-cosmo-toggle.


What does it do?


Well, it’s hard to explain.


Why are you always so condescending?  Why can’t you just say why I need it?


Well it helps the organic/inorganic interface of your house-body toggle between chaotic patterns and patterned patterns in order to instantiate recursive structures that will enable energy interflow, intraly.


Can you put it in terms I understand?


Okay.  The earth is without form and void and this will move upon the face of the deep and say “Let there be light” and there will be light.  And there’ll be evening and morning.  One day.


Sounds good.  Why didn’t you just say that.


Sorry.   Sometimes it’s hard to explain.


Can I get it from Amazon?




Then I will. You don’t have to get it for me.

So I let my Dad buy it.  I shouldn’t have been surprised when I opened the package and saw what he had gotten.

A chao-cosmo-toggle-C!


2 thoughts on “Teaching Your Parents “Computer”

  1. Mikey says:

    In the year 2070 the rate of development will be so quick that a person who has gone past the age of adaptation will be obsolete within fifteen minutes. So that at the age of 21 young men and women will say “I already told you how to do that like a million times, here, let me do it” and then twelve minutes later they’ll say “That’s funny, it didn’t used to do that in my day” and finally after 15 minutes “Haha, if you want anything done with technology these days you have to get someone who’s less than 21 to help you! But in my day at least we could all [some yet to be invented skill]”

    • people would be on reserves that are a past version of technology. but they wouldn’t know it. could be a cool story about a guy who thinks he’s in 2015 but he goes over the walla nd learns it’s 2040 but then he goes over a wall etc. etc. Time becomes space.

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