Have you had experiences of the presence of the dead?   It could be that consciousness is an elaborate configuration of matter.  Once the particular instantiation of consciousness in matter ends we could re-experience that shape elsewhere.  If the first triangular object ended we could see a triangular shape.

Or we could see a triangle in the clouds.  Presumably then the triangle is not in the clouds, it is in my brain.  But if it’s consciousness, maybe that’s okay.

I had a friend who told me her mother was one of a pair of identical twins.  One was kind and one was cruel to her.

Later she told me one was dead and it was a ghost who abused her trust .

Later she came to believe the ghost had no physical form but possessed her mother.

Later she came to believe her mother was psychologically dissociated and carried independent psychic complexes within her brain.

I wonder if my old friend was not recapitulating the religious evolution of humanity in her life story.

I wondered if my need to understand rather than love her was an attempt at exorcism .

I wonder whether by writing this I am not inviting the spirit(s) in.


4 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. N.S. Palmer says:

    Since you asked, in the months after my father passed away, I smelled his cologne several times in my apartment. He and I had a bet about the afterlife, and I promised him that if I was right and he was wrong, I would give him a hard time about it when I got over to where he is now. Maybe he was conceding the argument, since he was a very honorable person. Or maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

    I’ve seen enough weird stuff that I don’t rule out anything completely, even if I think some things are improbable.

  2. Mikey says:

    – I wondered if my need to understand rather than love her was an attempt at exorcism.

    No, I don’t think so. Understanding is a part of love. If you wanted to love her, trying to understand her would be part of that. And what’s exorcism? Sending away her ghosts? Where would they go? I don’t think you can send ghosts away by just understanding – you need love. Or maybe the best alternative to exorcism would be inviting the spirits in. If we invite them in and they invite us in then they’ll stop haunting and we’ll stop exorcising and then think what the world would be like. Man and ghost running hand in hand, interacting with object, floating through walls. It would be glorious.

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