Blader Wolf

Blader Wolf realized a split second ago (if seconds can still be split?  Can they?  Can’t they? Can they?) that his peculiar mode of being had been presaged in an oracular Tijuana postcard penned by John Von Neumann in an off hour, and that in the years since then teams of Parisian engineers had explored his byways and highways.

“Let me explain it to you.” he said, but honestly he didn’t say anything.  If I had to describe (and I don’t — it’s up to me, Bubba Meister — it’s up to ME!) I’d say that he tricked things out (and tricked things up!) so I would think I was talking to myself.  Although of course I wasn’t.

(Of courses and re-courses. Corsi i recorsi.)

Inspector Pound was trying to solve the Jack the Ripper murders.  Jack the Ripper was trying to keep Inspector Pound from finding him.  Do you follow?


The Triads were releasing a Gas that caused memories to be erased every evening.  The residents of London woke every morning without memories.  Do you follow?


Inspector Pound decided to outwit the Triad and leave a diary.  Every morning when he woke up he did not know who he was.  He read the diary.  It said “Your name is Inspector Pound.  You are trying to catch Jack the Ripper.  Do you follow?”


Jack the Ripper tried the same idea.  Every morning he woke up and read the diary. IT said “Your name is Jack the Ripper.   Your job is to murder prostitutes and elude Inspector Pound.  Do you follow?”

Yes.  Where is this leading?

Where it is leading is that every morning the Triad switched the books.  Jack the Ripper woke up and thought he was Inspector Pound.  Inspector Pound woke up and thought he was Jack the Ripper and committed a series of grisly murders.  Do you follow?

i tried to but the bar was empty.    I picked up my tool bag and set off into the night outside Whitechapel.


2 thoughts on “Blader Wolf

  1. Mikey says:

    I think a good improvement to this blog would be if you were able to timestamp your posts as well as date stamp them. I feel like this was written quite late at night and I’d view it completely differently if it was written before lunch.

    • this may well have been the middle of the night. it is were earlier the development of the system of diaries where people figure out who they are and what to do every morning, and somebody switches it would have been more intricate, for sure.

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