An Animal Catastrophe

They let the dog in the kitchen

They let the beaver in the tomb

They let the komodo dragon with his filthy teeth

Swish his tail through the surgery room.

The dog he ate the baby’s food

The beaver stopped the ceremony to begin

The dragon besmeared the operative site

And sepsis did set in.

O set the dog to hunt with his pack

Chase the beaver from grandpa’s tomb.

But invite in the tiger, the eagle and shelk

To drie the dragon from the surgery room!

It is an Animal Catstrophe

When the Beast Does Not Know Its Place

The Forest, the Lodge, and his Dish on the Floor

Or Licking his Master’s Face!


2 thoughts on “An Animal Catastrophe

  1. Mikey says:

    Cool poem. I don’t get it. And did you mean “drie” rather than “drive”, and did you mean “shelk”? I find poetry hard, but particularly when I’m not sure if there are typos!

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