Hard Work for Fritus Mandago


There was a building in Canarsie where the people living there had lost the concept of forgiveness.  Fritus Mandago infiltrated the building by posing as the super.


Upon researching the history of the building, Fritus learned that the tenants lacked the concept of forgiveness because the landlord a breakaway member of the California new religion “Love Everywhere” had raised them without the concept of a distinction between the inner and the outer, the Auto-Pope Seth Fishman.   His Self-Holiness Seth was the father of most of the tenants by different mothers, the rest were street people.


Fritus at first attempted to explain to the tenants the concept of deception using the Miller Mental State Array Cards and the North Dakota seems/is info-sheet.  He was successful in getting the tenants to accept that deception was conceptually possible, but unable to bring them to believe that it was an actualized possibility, as they argued that no sane person would pay the psychological cost of deceiving others.   As Mandago described it in his report “for the tenants the notion of deception was an idle philosophical paradox as Zeno’s paradox disproving the reality of motion seemed to the ancient Greeks” (F. Mandago, Report on Lack of Forgiveness Concept in Tenants of 208 Cropsey Avenue Realty Corp, 2014).

After consult with team,  Mandago developed an Intervention Plan whereby he told dissatisfied members of the community that there problems could be solved in a building several blocks over where there was abundant food and the possibility of rest (the building under investigation was on top of an iron filing factory and the noise of the grinding engines made sleep a rare and longed-for accident).  After several years of encouraging the fantasy he led an escape to the empty building and revealed it was disappointing.  His young charges learned that deception was a pragmatic possibility and returned to their building where they deceived their fellows about the qualities of the building in order to get economic and sexual benefits.


Ultimately after a small family war in which two died the tenants learned (82%) and became proficient (27%) with the concepts of deception, interiority, and forgiveness.  It was judged a successful intervention by F. Mandago and by his team, but was both hard and time-consuming work.


4 thoughts on “Hard Work for Fritus Mandago

  1. N.S. Palmer says:

    An interesting story, though I’d be lying if I said I could divine a specific moral to it.

    My initial reaction to “no sane person would pay the psychological cost of deceiving others” was “if only!” as if it were a good thing. But then I remembered the question, “Does this dress make me look fat?” and how I sometimes have lied not only without guilt, but have felt that I’d done exactly the right thing.

    Life’s a puzzle sometimes.

    • They are definitely strange beings. Are they even human? Was mandago right to do with him what he did? He covers it up with bureaucracy to make it seem like he had no choice, but why did he do it?

  2. Mikey says:

    The building is Seth’s sane brain, and the people are parts of his mind. Of course the concept of the inner and outer were foreign concepts to these people, why would Seth want to encourage them to have any secrets? The outer is what is outside the whole building and the inner is what they share. That way when a parcel full of antibiotics is delivered to someone on the ground floor, they pass it faithfully on to the girl in the fifth floor who has the infection in her lung, and the building functions as a unit. Just the way Seth would want it. But then Mandego, which is Spanish for schizophrenia, turns up and gives the different parts of Seth’s mind their own ideas. Now they’re all talking to each other and instead of one harmonious voice, there is a babble.

    But this isn’t a story about someone becoming schizophrenic, which is when there are identifiable and separate successful factions in the mind which war against each other. This is a story about being human. Seth was sane before Mandego’s intervention, but saner than a normal person. Possibly he was a robot or a psychopath or something. Mandego introduced self-deception to Seth’s building and blam – Seth looks like a human now.

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