An Atheist Kaddish

Magnified be the person who holds on to his hopes from the morning of his life until his very last day.

Whose heart is not tainted and whose ways are upright,

And who never despairs in his quest for redemption.

In whose heart is both the world’s suffering and its joys,

who is its radiance both manifest and hidden

Hope will not end with him

And the way of the upright will not perish.

May the glory of humankind be forever blessed.

Magnified, indeed, be the Hebrew person on his land

And sanctified be the one who lives with the memory of the life that has been taken away.

Life has ended, sealed in the soil of Yagur, in its toil, in the hearts of its members.

May his memory abide with us as a blessing.

by Zvi She-er, quote in Dalia Marx


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