Shakespeare and Talmud

Both are responses to a fragmenting of an integrated whole of religious meaning; in case of Talmud destruction of the temple cult by Romans, in case of Shakespeare destruction of Catholic Church in England by reformation.  Shakespeare’s essential strategy is shamanism : death of tragic hero through taking logic of subjectivity to its limit — the individual in the theater dies so each member of the community doesn’t have to.  Talmudic strategy is communal survival through law, family and dialogue.  Both involve resacralizing a humble space: theater in one case home in the other.  Each is the others shadow, it’s unexpressed.


3 thoughts on “Shakespeare and Talmud

  1. Both methods are a farce in light of the Divine. The Divine is that all “creation” is implemented with one energy — one Source of energy. The human penchant for “separateness” (to support power structures) has created pockets of what humans call “sacred.” In the various human definitions of what they consider “sacred” lies all kinds of human rights discrimination (which are being broken down — just as the Catholic Church was rejected through the Reformation). Consider the “sacred cultures” of women should stay “in their place,” races should stay separate, if you’re not with us — you’re against us.

    Yes, so many people have died in the name of keeping things “sacred” so that the power structures can survive.

  2. Mikey says:

    What would Shakespeare have looked like without the fragmented church? Wouldn’t he still have just told stories with a tragic hero and stuff?

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