Chinese Problems 

My friend Jim heard about the population of China and when his sixth grade teacher Mrs Fuchs asked “does anybody know the population of China he raised his hand and answered “12 hundred billion!” Everybody laughed at him including Miss Fuchs and even the principal chuckled the next day — 1200 Billion?” Smirking.  The answer was 12 hundred million.

But Jim found a friend in the city with a small institute and a newsletter, the truth about Chinese demography that pushed the theory that actually in China there were 120 people, and their government overstated it for political ends.

Jim travelled to China and found : only twelve people.  As evening fell eleven went home to India.  They were tourists.  The population of China is 1. His name was Jimmy Shang.  Emperor and populace.  The unique one.

Can you explain? Asked my friend.

Meet me in the Forbidddn City by the panda bear and I tell all said Shang.

But Shang got a ticket and moved into jims house– jims mommy and daddy love him now– the answer to the question “what is the population” of China for jimmy now is given by one vertical line





3 thoughts on “Chinese Problems 

  1. Mikey says:

    I think I might understand this story a little more if I was totally sure that “sexy” was meant to read “said”. But I’m not totally sure. Did you write it on an iPhone? That would explain it.

  2. Mikey says:

    And I imagine the name of your sixth grade teacher used to be something totally innocent like Ms Fuchsia until your dirty phone got hold of her.

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