Ender Wiggin and Gandalf the Grey

Ender Wiggin, the boy who thought he was playing a video game but was really defeating an alien race in a space battle met Gandalf the Grey at the 7-11 and told him what happened.  Lord, said Gandalf the Grey, I thought I was saving Middle Earth but it was actually a simulation of performing brain surgery. This sort of thing is happening more and more.  Tell me about it, said Lloyd Alexander, I thought I was writing fantasy books but I was actually getting two parts of the brain of alien god to talk to each other.  Lord, said the alien god, I thought I was having a psychotic episode but I was actually playing a video game.  This is happening more and more the other people in the store said, they are always making us think the thing is important is unimportant and vice versa.  Somebody else said, Important and Unimportant are two wings of an immense bird, blowing us like a hurricane.  Let’s go talk to him said Everybody.


2 thoughts on “Ender Wiggin and Gandalf the Grey

  1. Mikey says:

    The first time I went to a 7-11 I was 19 and I was with a 23 year old man from Ireland who had also never been before. Our Canadian hosts insisted we had Slurpees, obviously, and Pat, the Irish man, had such bad brain freeze that he collapsed in the carpark, spilling his Slurpee everywhere. The nice people in the 7-11 gave him another one.

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