An Appreciation of Desmond Devlin

Desmond’s mind is insightful but also gentle.  He is able to give voice to sweet speech.   His body is of a pleasing color and his eyes are clear.  His garden contains health-giving tasteful vegetables in abundance, root vegetables like carrots and parsnips pierce his earth, ripe tomatoes hang heavy on his vines.  Desmond cultivates firmness without authoritarianism, he is able to offer a friend reproof in the guise of a joke which removes its sting.  He is engaged in the politics of his community, and although he does not shrink from honest debate, no faction calls him a member.  He is a stranger to the house of strife, but is a welcome participant to every family’s celebrations.  His face is ruddy, his hair of a carroty-orange, his limbs although not overly muscled are capable of excelling at basketball, softball, and hopscotch.  He has persuasive metaphors at his disposal when rhetoric is called for, and a soothing lullaby when that is what the occasion demands.  He eschews theological debates but maintains a natural piety, revering his creator, respecting his fellow man, offering a natural reverence to the sun and moon and the cycles of seasons and day and night: nature is his temple.  He lives on a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish.  His wife Wendy is a complement to all his virtues and one can scarcely decide between the two of them, which is the gem and which is the setting.  He laughs at death and treats each moment as a rainbow of droplets, made iridescent by the light of truth.  He is handy with the tools of the carpenter, and is well-versed in wood-craft.  His yodel brings cheer.


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