Marvellous World of Insects

Did you know so many interesting insects that there are?

  • An aphid worth over a hundred dollars?
  • A katydid that is morally pure?
  • A lacewing that has no legs is made of metal and you can drive around it — it is not an insect it is a car?
  • And many more?

But of all of these the most amazing is the Lovehead Wasp.

The lovehead wasp is in love with love.

It loves the oak tree.

It plants its larva in the oak tree and develops an Oak Gall.

But lovehead wasp learned that its galls were hurting the oak tree.  It decided to devote itself to a life of fasting and renunciation.

But then the Acorn said to that old wasp “Don’t do that mister wasp there is plenty of tree for both of us.”

And they drank jam and honey till the sugar ran out their ears!

This is a true story.  If you want to learn more about the fascinating field of entomology pursue it like a dog pursuing a scrap of meat — “LET NOTHING PREVENT YOU FROM YOUR GOAL.”

Not weariness, not the fear of what your friends will think of you, not shame.



2 thoughts on “Marvellous World of Insects

  1. Mikey says:

    I guess this post is strictly insane so I’ll use my comment to summarise my thoughts on my project so far.

    After deciding to reply to every post this year as a New Year’s resolution, I started full of enthusiasm. Then after a couple of weeks, I thought “What the heck am I doing? Only about three people are reading what I’m writing, and none of them are grateful to me.” I became despondent and thought perhaps this was one of those ideas which seem full of the promise of off-beat adventure but end up feeling forced or even pretentious.

    Then I received a reply to one of my replies from you, the author, and that cheered me up. You seemed to have engaged with something I’d said and I thought “Hey, maybe this is worthwhile after all.”

    And then I found that I often didn’t have any idea what your stories were about so I had to think and engage with them to write a reply and doing that was worthwhile by itself. So I started thinking of my posts as the cause of the more important thing which went before – the engagement. At this time I was thoroughly glad I hadn’t given up, finding out new things about Jewish and Buddhist spirituality and sharing with a community of strangers things which I would feel too stupid to share with friends.

    Occasionally since then my work has taken up too much time and I’ve built up a backlog of posts to reply to. That’s not too bad, I quite like spending a part of Sunday going back through old EricLinusKaplan, and I have a vague feeling that the week or two I’ve had to think about the post I’m replying to has fermented my ideas.

    If you’re not Eric and you’re reading this and you, like me, sometimes think to yourself “What the hell is he on about here? I think it’s some Jewish thing, but I can’t see what he’s on about” then my advice is to try googling it – some of it is published on Hevria, and the discussions of it there are eye-widening if you’re not Jewish. And perhaps if you are.

    At this halfway point I’d say that my enthusiasm has slightly waned, but I’m still heartily bought in. Anyway, thanks for bearing with me. And also, what the heck is this post about?

    • I am grateful to you! Ps this is a Fantasia inspired by books I read as a kid about amazing insect facts. But now as the apostle says I am a man and think (about insects) as a man!

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