Devil Walks into a Psychiatrist’s Office

The devil walks into a psychiatrist’s office and says “Doc I am troubled by a recurrent dream where I have an elephant body and a fly head and I want to know what it means.” “We can figure that out” says the psychiatrist and takes him on as a patient. The devil goes to the psychiatrist every Wednesday at 5 pm for a year and talks about his early childhood experiences.

On the first anniversary of their meeting the devil says “Okay. What does my dream mean.” “Be patient.” says the psychiatrist “Let’s continue our treatment.” “I’m not a patient person” quoth the devil. “I propose an alternative treatment plan” and he magically transforms the psychiatrist into an elephant with a fly head. “I think the problem before was lack of motivation. Now my dream is your life, so you are motivated.” says the Devil. “Tell me what your life means.” “It means that I am being tormented by the Devil!” says the psychiatrist.

The Devil considers this for a moment. “Nah.” he says “That’s just the countertransference.”


3 thoughts on “Devil Walks into a Psychiatrist’s Office

      • Mikey says:

        Ahhh, the old Long Spoon. If I was the devil or any of the tortured souls in hell, I’d get my long spoon close to the scoop end. That way it wouldn’t be so hard to get my soup in my mouth. Obviously I’d probably hit people with the unwieldy end but man, it’s hell. So they get hit a bit! Who cares?

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