Slowly Becoming James Taylor

patient reported delusion of gradually becoming James Taylor.  Looked in mirror one day and caught a hint of his expression.  Felt “Taylorish” moods.  Hummed “how sweet it is”.

  Weeks passed.  Now he feels his own individuality hanging by a thread.  Any day now client feels he will have been annihilated leaving only writer of “handyman”.

Treated patient with trad. Therapeutic modalities rx talk therapy, cbt, supplemented with 5mg Zoloft (fluoxetine)

Resisted traditional treatment modalities. 

Referred case to supervising physician 

He screamed “aroint thee James!  Back to your aging body!  Be gone!”

Patient collapses weeping

 doesn’t even remember words to fire and rain .

Prognosis:  Cured.


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