My Works are Like Mirrors — if a Leopard Looks in, No Jaguar Looks Back!

An end time preacher in Roman Palestine solving a crime in the reclusive Essene community.  He discovers that the leader of the community committed a murder and covered it up on the theory that the ritual ablutions could wash his sins away.  The end time preacher brings the leader to justice but the leader’s jilted girlfriend frames him for sedition against the Roman authorities and he is crucified.


2 thoughts on “My Works are Like Mirrors — if a Leopard Looks in, No Jaguar Looks Back!

  1. Mikey says:

    An itinerant magician in the same community gathers a crowd with the usual tactics: getting everyone to clap along, using a local and well known volunteer, face paint and a faux-mysterious voice. Someone has brought a jar of wine along, so the atmosphere is ripe for some generous tips. At the very least the magician knows he’ll get a couple of skinfuls of the local brew thrown his way.

    The pinnacle of the show is the magician’s famous curse. He claims to be able to kill anything with a curse, though of course he wouldn’t use it on people (then, with a half-humourous scowl – Or would I?) Does anyone have any vermin or is there a weed he could demonstrate on? One local wag points out the Mayor’s favourite fig tree, and the joke catches on quickly. Deadpan faces all round mean that the magician never suspects the ruse, and with a dramatic flourish, the curse is pronounced.

    As the magician stumbles up the hill, his own cross over his shoulder, the crowd is the same crowd as the week before. Do they fight for the wronged trickster? Do they admit their complicity in the trick? The opposite. Their collective guilt wells up around them and forms a defensive wall of spite. “Tree killer! Satan Worshipper! Nazarene Necromancer! Hang! Die! Burn!”

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