Meredith’s Journey

Meredith’s boyfriend used to say to her “I love you, Meredith. You know I love you Meredith.”

“I love you too Rob” Meredith would say.

He would say “Don’t analyze my love. Don’t question my love.  You wouldn’t analyze a flower would you?”


“You wouldn’t analyze a butterfly would you?”


“Then don’t analyze my love, you stupid bitch..”

And Meredith accepted that as a pretty good argument until one day she didn’t and she thought “Why shouldn’t I question his love?   I do believe that the reason he told me not to question his love, was because he had something to hide.”

So Meredith moved out and got a room in an apartment downtown and went for an interview for a job.  “How does it work?” she asked Ambrose, her supervisor.

“Well, people come here with very, very old relatives — usually parents.  And the service we provide is an endless gentle sleep.  The loved one will lie in a bed and suffer no more until such time as natural processes cause their demise.”

“That sounds good.” said Meredith and went to work for the office.

At one time though Meredith wondered “Every day I process the forms for ten to fifteen patients getting admitted. But there are only eight beds.   How does this work exactly?”  So she asked Ambrose.

“That’s the great thing.  We just take them in back and beat their heads in with shovels.”

“But isn’t that murder?” asked Meredith.

“That’s also the great thing!  The paper the adult children sign for their old folks says that they have given up the presumption of continued life, so legally we are totally in the clear.”

“So it’s painless?”

“No cause we make extra money letting sadists and perverts come by and do their stuff.”

Meredith quit the job and got a different job.  Sometimes she would say to herself, in the shower, or before falling asleep “Life is disappointing” and sometimes she would reflect “Life is surprising” , but as she lived her life further she realized both of these remarks from herself to herself were a bit wide of the mark.  At the end of the day it was not exactly what you expected, unless, what you expected, was, in fact, what it was.


One thought on “Meredith’s Journey

  1. Mikey says:

    Meredith’s boyfriend makes an interesting point when he says “You wouldn’t analyse a flower would you?” I’d analyse a flower, and so would anyone, of course they would. So that can’t be what he meant. He’s talking about that part of a flower that you wouldn’t analyse. What’s that? The experience of the flower? The moment of flower? By why not analyse it? Is it like a four-dimensional shadow, so that when you start measuring it, it shifts away and you find yourself measuring a memory? Or is it like a memory? And why not analyse a memory? Why not chase it down, measuring again and again, no matter how many times it slips away – each time saying “I’ll measure better next time!”?

    But he shouldn’t have called her a bitch. That’s not respectful.

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