Every seventh year transformed from a man into a woman for one year, and reported that the amorous pleasure enjoyed by women was seven times that enjoyed by males, but that is not dispositive; it may only establish that female pleasure when recalled by males exceeds that of male pleasure recalled by females.


3 thoughts on “Tiresias

  1. Mikey says:

    It just sounds like a lie anyway, doesn’t it? Just because he’s some sort of sex-changer doesn’t mean he’s got special self-knowledge powers. I mean, why should he be able to quantify his pleasure. I can’t think of any pleasure which is seven times as pleasurable than another pleasure. It doesn’t make sense.

    What does make sense is turning into a woman and then being asked the same dumb question again and again so many times that you just start making up wacky answers like “It’s seven times better actually”.

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