A puzzle of human evolution is how did the primitive hominids of Olduvai gorge develop minds that are free of biological constraints?  How did we come up with computers, and fire, and the wheel, and agriculture and flight?

An intriguing hypothesis is that the causality is reversed.  Man did not first fly in thought and then fly bodily but he flew bodily first, using primitive hand-made flying machines, and these in turn forced the development of language and the cognitive leap necessary for steering these devices.  In other words did our bodies fly before our minds did?

Conditioned as we are to flying in steel airplanes it is easy to scoff at this idea.  However human flight precedes industrial civilization by centuries as is known.

Armen Firman flew over FOUR MILES from the top of a tower in Cordoba, Andalusia in the year 928

Two thousand years before the Wright Brothers Wang Mang flew over 1.2 km in a gigantic cloak made of vulture feathers.

 Is it plausible that pre-human aviators made these discoveries thousands of years earlier before Firman and Wang Mang?  Such a supposition of course lacks archaeological evidence, but there would be none for the primitive contraptions madeof skin and bird feathers.  And there is much evidence other than the archaeological.  The amazing speed with which a simple hominid conquered the globe could be explained by vast clouds of flying Homo erectus crossing barriers in their Icarus-like wings.

Early experiments in genetic engineering by Australopithecus maybe inspired by a desire to copy the skin flaps of the sugar glider squirrel

Many people have dreams of flying — are these fantasies of memories of a lost age of human aviation that predates the Pleistocene?

Did human thought lead to the invention of airplanes or is the causality precisely the opposite — humans first flew and then thought?

Some archaeologists conjecture that primitive gliders were the first human invention predating the wheel by over 1.2 million years

Are legends of harpies and sirens dim memories of early experiments in human-powered flight by Neanderthals in the Mediteranean basin?

Are the dreams of angels found in all cultures memories of an “elite class” of flight-using hominids who kept the secret of human-powered flight alive, long after it was suppressed by the agricultural revolution and its concommitant technologies of religion, urbanism, slavery, and money?

Is the soul a memory of our right to fly, stolen from us, and now regained?



  1. Mikey says:

    This is definitely an awesome idea. I guess I’d quite like it if we not only remembered how to fly, but also remembered how to do all the other things we do. Are there similar literary and architectural hints that we might have always had a history of making lollish cat videos and showing them to our friends? Or perhaps we’re also restumbling upon our once-prominent desire to sit near our friends and text our faraway friends?

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