Adventures of Little Boy

The Basement

Little Boy was a good boy and his mother loved him very much as long as he did his homework and didn’t go into the basement and his father worked in the city and made money so they could enjoy nice things and toys. He was always happy because he had a mommy who loved him. One day Little Boy was sad and was dropping paper out of the window and Mommy and Daddy came into the room and said “Someone was dropping paper – do you know who.” Little Boy said “No.” Daddy said “You told a lie. Go to your room.”

Little Boy stayed in the room for a year. After the year was done it was the middle of the night and he could not sleep. I think I’m going to die and then I’ll be all gone! Thought Little Boy. But I can’t go to Mommy and Daddy. Little Boy went down into the Basement.

The Mouse

In the Basement the Boy met a Mouse. “Oh Mouse! Why are you lying with the side of your face on the floor?” “Oh boy” said the Mouse “I am stuck in a Glue Trap. Your Mommy and Daddy hate me cause I am a mouse. I was so hungry. I came out to eat something but your Mommy and your Daddy stuck the food on this Glue Trap. Now the side of my face is stuck to the Glue Trap and I am dying of thirst.”

“Here’s water.” Said the Little Boy. “Let me kiss you” said the Mouse, and they made love. “We have to go from here because your Mommy and your Daddy will kill me.” And Little Boy peeled her face from the Glue Trap and they left the house and they were gone.


Little Boy left the house and learned to type from a book in the library and every morning he took the subway to a Law Firm in a big skyscraper in the city and made money and came back to a little apartment where he lived with Mouse. They ate food, they sang songs, and they made love. Sometimes they would play with a deck of cards and the different cards in the deck would mean different kinds of love they would make. A Queen would mean the Mouse, a Jack or a King would mean Little Boy. Spades were things they did with kisses, Clubs were things they did that hurt but were sexy anyway, Hearts were things they did with their hearts of course, and Diamonds were things they did with everything that costs money. And sometimes if the Mouse was sleeping she would leave him a hand of cards to let Little Boy know what she wanted to do with him in her Mind when she got back home.

One Day

One day Little Boy came home and all that was there was an Ace of Spades and the Mouse was gone.

“Maybe she doesn’t love you any more” said the man upstairs.

“Maybe she never did” said the lady upstairs.

“Maybe the Cat took her” said the Super.

“Maybe she got lost” said the Lady upstairs.

“Maybe the Cat took her” said the Super.

“The cat took her a long long time ago” said the Man Upstairs.

“But what about the cards?” said Little Boy. “She’s been leaving the cards for me every morning.”

“How do you know that was her?” said the Man upstairs “Maybe she’s been gone a long long time.”

“But who left the cards?”

And everybody laughed at Little Boy!

Looking for the Mouse

Little Boy went everywhere looking for the mouse but he didn’t find her, and he never learned who was right and who was wrong. Did the Cat take her? If so when did he take her – a long long time ago or just that morning? Who left that Ace of Spades: The Mouse or the Cat? Little Boy was happy and he was very very sad.

Looking for Little Boy

Why am I always sad sometimes the Little Boy wondered but he was really by now in this story not a Sad Little Boy. He was a Sad Old Man!  He went to a teacher who said I’ll tell you the truth for money – the truth about who you really are. “Ok!” said Little Boy and gave him all the money he got from working in the Law Firm for fifty eight years. “You know your parents were robots and they made you to see if they could make a little boy” but don’t feel bad that they did a little job. “Dumb robots!” The teacher took all little boy’s money and now he was old and poor.

He made a friend once, a beautiful girl – maybe he imagined her? – and she said “No that teacher who sold you the story of yourself sold you a bill of goods. Your Mommy and Daddy were no robots. They loved you as best they could. As I love you.” And she kissed him – Four Aces. Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts.


4 thoughts on “Adventures of Little Boy

  1. Mikey says:

    This is a strange story. What kind of person makes love before peeling their lover’s face off the glue trap? Maybe that’s why she left him in the end.

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