The Limits of Sense, the Limits of the Thinkable

If there were limits to sense how could we say them?

If there were limits to the thinkable how could we think them?

But it doesn’t follow that what can be said or thought is limitless either.  We can notice certain situations in which we think we’re thinking or making sense but we aren’t, and become sensitive to these sorts of failures in the future.

Is pointing out the limits of the thinkable like pointing out the limits on business proposals?    There isn’t am algorit for what proposals will be successful, but proposals that are too vague are less likely to make money.  And if they do they just got lucky.

But what counts as the analog of making money for thinking?  What is a successful thought?


7 thoughts on “The Limits of Sense, the Limits of the Thinkable

  1. Interestingly, “limits to the thinkable”, – I’ve been wondering for quite long time why Howard in “The Big Bang Theory” went on “Women, huh? Can’t live with them…” after the incredible dispute between Sheldon and Amy on “grand unified theory” vs neurobiology.

    As Sheldon believed his mind could theoretically be uploaded to a computer, why Howard, the engineer, wouldn’t reply he could theoretically enhance the uploaded mind to push the “limits to the thinkable” of it well beyond the reach of original Sheldon’s mind to beat the “grand unified theory” and Amy’s biological replica of human mind.

  2. Mikey says:

    Is this what Kant did some research into and did he come up with an idea about like, something along the lines of: you can’t think anything which isn’t in space and time and which isn’t caused; and didn’t he do it by just trying to think of one of those things and failing? I guess he wrote quite long books in German so I’m unlikely to have successfully summarised his thoughts into two half-sentences.

    Also, if I’m right about how he did his project and his project worked to some degree, could you add this: “it’s impossible to think of something without value, so value is another Category”? #yourewelcomeimmanuel

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