The Terrifying, Awesome Responsibility of Writing and Thinking

Every time you write a sentence you are serving as a judge that the sentence you are writing is worth expressing.

You are aware of the danger that human race and our planet lies in, and you are aware of the millions of children who die without realizing their potential, the millions of human beings who live in terror of torture, the millions and millions who are so traumatized that they cannot think clearly or live their lives with joy.

You are aware that the attention of these people, and those who care to help them, is a limited resource.  It is clearly competed for by advertisers, cults, politicians and political sects.  It is also competed for by the howls in verbal form of the confused, the ignorant, the traumatized and the mentally ill.

You are aware that your life span is very brief, and after your death your only lasting contribution to the collective conversation of the fellow human race will be your surviving sentences, if it should happen, that a single human being is alive, and that he or she chooses to read it.

It might help clarify life, it might be a tool for living life more joyfully and authentically, or for destroying the obstacles to such a life.  Or not.


3 thoughts on “The Terrifying, Awesome Responsibility of Writing and Thinking

  1. Mikey says:

    If you’re worried about dying and rotting and disappearing, being a writer must be quite reassuring. Your writing can live beyond you and take on a life of its own. Or maybe more accurately, your writing can take your own life beyond the life of your body.

    But if you’re a sucky writer then you can pull a similar trick by talking. Your ideas will live on in other people’s minds and bear your soul with them. Every time you say a sentence, you are serving as a judge that the sentence you are saying is worth expressing. It might help clarify life. Or it might not.

    But if you’re a sucky speaker then you can always fall back on thinking. Every time you think a thought, you are judging it to be worth thinking. And that judgment seals it with approval into your conception of who you are. And then that thought translates into how you behave which affects those around you, and they affect others likewise.

    So eternal life isn’t just for writers, it’s for anyone who can think.

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