Seekers for Divine Truth

Some seekers for divine truth are not doing what they claim to be doing.

They claim to be seeking divine truth but what they’re actually doing is believing an ancient holy text either because their parents did, or because they decided to because of a powerful emotional experience. However if they really cared about knowing divine truth they would realize that this is in no way an appropriate amount of care to expend on such an important subject. The text might be corrupt, or wrong, and a powerful emotional experience, or the opinions of one’s parents are not good reasons to believe in it. Nobody would pick a mutual fund or a treatment for a disease based on such little evidence. Such people are probably not actually interested in learning divine truth or obeying divine will. If we assume that they are using the language of the divine as a way to feel better or as an excuse for socializing their behavior makes much more sense.


2 thoughts on “Seekers for Divine Truth

  1. Mikey says:

    My rule of thumb for seeing if someone is thinking in the right way: Do they think roughly like me? If they do, then I reckon they’re going in the right direction, but that makes me suspicious and cynical. Then I apply my advanced test for seeing if they are thinking in the right way: Do they think exactly like me? So far no one has passed.

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