We Know the World Through Fantasy, its Satisfaction and Frustration

We are creatures that seek fulfillment of our desires.  

So there are two ways to learn 

Seeing if our fantasies are satisfied (the reality principle)

Developing our fantasies (the pleasure principle)

What do we want from life, others, ourselves?

Joy?  Bliss?  Freedom from pain?  Challenge?  

Clarifying that question is also learning, both what there is and who we are.


3 thoughts on “We Know the World Through Fantasy, its Satisfaction and Frustration

  1. Mikey says:

    Do you mean that the reality principle works like this: I want to have an earring, so I go and do enough stuff to get an earring; and the pleasure principle works like this: I want an earring but I don’t have one, so I’ll just change what I want – then I just want floorboards, which I have. Both cases lead to you having what you want, but you’ve used weird names for them if I’ve understood it right.

    • no. I meant that the pleasure principle is coming to want an earring or coming to want to be stylish or attractive or mysterious (whatever it is that makes an earring seem like it would be fun), and the reality principle is seeing if I can get one.

  2. Mikey says:

    That’s interesting. There might be two parts to the pleasure principle – you seem to be talking about looking into yourself to find out what you want (if I’ve understood it right). But there’s a second bit to it: deliberately changing what you want to something else (like from earrings to floorboards). And those two different approaches filter how you answer the question you posed: What do we want? The first way to answer it would be to say – well, I spend a lot of time looking through the window of Punktured, so I must want a piercing; the second would be to say – I want to appreciate the things which keep me from falling down rather the things which make my ears shine.

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