Hard questions – crappy answers

Life is full of hard questions and it’s cause they are so hard that the answers are so crappy.  Let’s at least be honest about how and why our individual answers are crappy.


2 thoughts on “Hard questions – crappy answers

  1. I have been able to use the answers I have been getting about why things are crappy … so then I can transform the roots of the crappiness for myself. Makes life a lot easier — not just in the now but for the long term.

    Wish you found this Life Algorithm thing I’ve developed more interesting. We could have great conversations about it. I’m about to drive from Los Angeles to Atlanta, starting Wednesday this week. Will be back in LA later this summer I think.

    One rather interesting thing — I can answer the question (using this system) to explain how come Stephen Hawking has survived for so long — He has actually transformed some of the roots of the ALS issue. Good for him!

  2. Mikey says:

    But being honest is a bit… eeee, you know? Isn’t there some sort of middle ground? Not lying exactly, but maybe not quite honesty.
    “Why do are all the other kids at school so mean to me? And the teachers even, sometimes, too?”
    “Ummm, let’s go and get ice cream!”

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