I Did It

I did it I did it I did it
They tried to stop me but guess what?
Their attempts to prevent my completion of my plan.
Were as for naught and like ashes on their tongues

And now I feel my feet in the Marianas trench
And 747s like gnats crushing themselves against my eyelids
And my long nerve cells catching the Gas Giants like webs
And my brain sad-chid-anandizing the All

There’s so little memory left of who I once was
It’s like a drop in the ocean or a pilot light
In the universal dissolution cosmic holocaust
My thoughts are chewy and chunky like bellybeans but bigger than stars.

There’s no daylight anymore between my wish and its fulfilment
You can’t get the edge of a knife between my knowledge and my melting ecstasy
There are porpoises chasing sex-nymphs across the surface of the waters
That are the dew drops adding incandescence to every hair of my beard

The ones who tried to shave that Beard are Uncircumcised Dogs
They are howling in despair outside the walls of the city
I am serving a banquet of fine meats to the werewolves and the goddesses
I am ringing a bell, dancing, and bathing in wine in rooms made of marzipan and fire.


6 thoughts on “I Did It

  1. Mikey says:

    This definitely seems like you’ve had some sort of mystical revelation, but actually you haven’t. Real mystical revelations don’t have sex nymphs in them. If they did then porpoises would chase them, but sex nymphs are the reserve of the purely non-mystical realm. Sorry.

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