A Flatbush Ghost Story

That boarded up old house? The woman who lived there her baby died from choking on cookie monsters eye. And she was going to get like a two million dollar settlement. But during the deposition they got an expert to show she had removed the eye with pliers and choked the girl herself. And then she tried to cut herself to get sympathy and she miscalculated and bled out. Turns out she was pregnant and the paramedics came over to save the fetus and they got in a crash and were stuck in the ambulance for like an hour till they died. They couldn’t sell the house cause people said it was haunted.
By what Charles? The woman? The child? The emts? The fetus? Cookie Monster?

Or hope? Something dead, Georgie. For Christs sake, what does it matter?


One thought on “A Flatbush Ghost Story

  1. Mikey says:

    Putting ghost stories on the True/Factual/Honest matrix: 2nd attempt.

    Scientists are the guys who deal with the Factual Axis, and I haven’t done much research into it but I think they’re fictional. Probably. Who knows? It’s boring anyway.

    Of course ghost stories are true, or at least have a degree of truth in them. Every story does, after all. But you need to know how honest they are before you can find the truth.

    So how honest? I’d say pretty dishonest. The best a ghost ever gets to (outside of the double-fictional world of Casper) is annoying, and standardly they are terrifying. No one has a positive word to say about them.

    But it must suck to be stuck in a house with no one to talk to and no one who really even understands what it’s like to be in your spiritual dimension. Can they even talk? I see all that clattering about as a crude attempt at communication. Certainly if they’re capable of flinging a window open at an unexpected moment, then they’re capable of just plain and simple killing you with a knife in your chest while you sleep. But they don’t, they just scare you with pranks.

    The honest version of ghost stories would involve a gentle exploration of their spectral world and a growing and cherished understanding across the dimensions.

    So if they are dishonest, then the truth of the story becomes more obvious: it’s something to do with the fear the story teller has of the unknown. Here’s a start to a ghost story:

    All ghost stories are true. But this is the only one that’s honest.

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