The Words of the Prophet

To what can the soul be compared?
Truly I say to you the soul can be compared to an old television set that is left in the street. While you are waiting for somebody to come and take it away the rain falls on it and the sleet does damage to it.

They asked him, to what can your teachings be compared.

My teachings, dear ones, can be compared to an advertisement for a new television set that one receives in the mail. The new television set is better than the old one. It is ordinarily expensive. But right now it is on sale.

They asked him to what can heaven be compared.
Heaven is not in the sky or the birds would be there before you Heaven is not in the heart or the trichinosis worm would be there before you. Heaven is a program that you can receive on the new television set that you buy.

They asked him to what sin could be compared.
He said truly sin is like an appointment with the cable company to hook up your new television set.

They said they did not get that one.

He said sorry it is not as much like the appointment with the cable company but it is like being on hold with the cable company and waiting, desiring much but receiving little.

They said that was a little bit clearer but still pretty hard to follow.
He said he got that.

They asked why all his teachings compared everything to getting a new television set. Truly it is a dark saying they said.

Yeah, he said. It’s kind of been on my mind lately. Tomorrow shall be a better day for my teaching unto you. Today I should probably take a break.

And caught between their old and new selves like a spider launching into empty air but as yet without a web or flies they took their leave.


3 thoughts on “The Words of the Prophet

  1. Mikey says:

    Truth and Facts: The opposite of truth is not fiction. The opposite of truth is truthlessness. Even a whopper of a lie has a lot of truth in it. The only thing that makes it a lie is if anyone falls for it. “I didn’t do it” seems like it has no truth in it, until you know it is a lie. Then you can hear a true message ringing behind: “I know it was wrong.”

    The opposite of fiction is facts. Truth and fiction are on different scales. This means you can have fun making a Truth/Fact matrix which looks better as a drawing but I’ll try it here:

    Truthless and Factual: 34,325,634,234 > 34,325,634,230; All bachelors are unmarried.

    Truthless and Fictional: 34,325,634,234 < 34,325,634,230; All gewfsar are oilk.

    True and Fictional: Parable of the Good Samaritan; St. George killed the dragon.

    True and Factual: Victor Gregg never forgave Churchill for the Dresden bombings; it's better if you put the sugar on your pancake before the lemon.

    In conclusion, the difference between fact and fiction is boring and the difference between truth and truthless is everything.

    In second conclusion, maybe there should be a third axis on the matrix: Honest-Dishonest.

  2. Mikey says:

    Maybe TRUTH is an unhelpful term, because it means all of the opposites of DISHONEST, UNFACTUAL and MEANINGLESS. Yeah, ok, those are the axes of the Truth Matrix.

    So this is what you said (minus the “sir”): “well if I think it’s UNFACTUAL but it’s really FACTUAL I can BE DISHONEST by saying something FACTUAL”. I agree!

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